Pasko 2011: Legazpi City Misadventure

It’s the third day of my Christmas vacation in Bicol and it’s off to a promising start. The sky was much clearer and it finally looked like Dhona and I won’t have to hold back and we can go full throttle on the highway. 😀 I tried to make that sound like I’m such daredevil rider but in reality, I rarely go over a hundred kph. :p I’m just excited that I’m finally getting a break from riding in the rain.

After little exercise while playing with my pamangkins (nephew and niece) and a light breakfast, I geared up for the ride. I have barely covered 10 kms when it started to get cloudy and dark. And of course, it started to rain. I pulled over to put my raincoat on.

The misadventure has started…

I can easily turn around and call it a day but knowing that I need to be on my way back to Manila the following day, I really had no choice. I conquered 400kms of wet roads just 2 days ago so how bad can 30 kms be, right?

highlighted route is using the backdoor going to Embarcadero (B) via Binitayan to avoid heavy traffic in Daraga and Legazpi City Proper.

I wanted to go up Lignon Hill but i figured I won’t see a damn thing anyway so I just proceeded directly to Legazpi City Port. Lignon Hill Nature Park gives you a 360-degree view of Legazpi City including the majestic Mayon Volcano.

Everything was apparently the same since I was last in the city except for the addition of a Go-Kart Track in Embarcadero and The Boulevard. Embarcadero is Legazpi’s premiere waterfront lifestyle hub, commercial and entertainment center.

Unfortunately, the track is closed because of the storm. So is the Zipline.

Mayon Volcano should be somewhere behind the rainclouds.

They may be able to close the race track but not The Boulevard that is still under construction. It’s over 4 kilometers long and offers a panoramic view of Albay Gulf, Mayon Volcano and Kapuntukan (Sleeping Lion Hill). Well, there’s really not much view in this weather.

GRAY memory of Adelantado Don Miguel Lopez de Legazpi ..

Even the fishermen were wise enough to take the day off and seek cover in the harbor.

The weather is just getting worse by the minute so I decided I had enough rain and headed home. I thought I would have better luck with Cagsawa Ruins so I stopped in Busay.

The (absence of) the spillway leading to Cagsawa Ruins. It was demolished by the flood waters.

Dhona, can we cross this? hehehe..

Of course, I turned around and headed straight home. My nephew was so glad I’m back so early. He wanted to trek Kawa-Kawa Hill but it could still rain at any moment so I just coaxed him into eating at Jollibee instead.

The Last Supper at the foot of Kawa-Kawa Hill in Ligao City, Albay

at Jollibee Ligao City

It might’ve been a misadventure because I didn’t really get to enjoy the beauty of Legazpi City at it’s best. But as a rider, just to go places, (wet or dry ultra-wet) is something I would take rather than sitting in front of the computer any day!

About Dom de la Torre

The rider is a 20-something Filipino that rides a Honda Wave 125cc underbone. He knows little about motorcycles yet loves the experience going places on two wheels. Rider Ako is a motorcycle-slash-travel blog. The rider not only shares to you travel destinations and what to see there but also the experience of getting there. You will read about the thrills and adventure when he rides solo, the romance of riding in tandem, the camaraderie riding with a group, the excitement participating in events, and anything that he thinks you might find interesting.When he's broke and the fuel's empty, he will share stories about motorcycling how he sees it through his helmet visor.
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2 Responses to Pasko 2011: Legazpi City Misadventure

  1. atz840 says:

    Enjoying the riding stories. I was in the Philippines for two weeks in 2011 and had a wonderful time (though I didn’t get to ride there). Mt. Mayon was incredibly beautiful, and I still crave fish kanilaw to this day. And crispy pata. And garlic rice…

    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay here and I hope when you come back you can try seeing more of the Philippines on a motorcycle. I promise, it’s going to be an exhilarating experience!

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