Pasko 2011: Embarcadero’s Go-Kart

The misadventure I had in Legazpi City was supposedly the last shot I have in enjoying the new pride of Legazpi City… and it should be because I should be on my way back to Manila (Laguna, actually) the following day. Well, just like how Mother Nature has been messing with me this Christmas, she decided to throw another curve ball at me… I woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning! I was so confused. Is the weather going to stay like this the rest of the day? If it is, should I grab the opportunity to ride back to Manila OR head back to Legazpi City instead? What if this is just like yesterday’s?

Let’s flip a coin!!

I really won’t leave it to chance with a flip of a coin but I would certainly not pass up an extra day to ride. So, I’m off to Legazpi City once more retracing my tracks the day before. This time though, I’m climbing up Lignon Hill Nature Park.

It’s not the first time Dhona and I were up here but it’s always worth a visit for a bird’s eye view of Legazpi

This wasn’t here on my previous visit.. always, have something new.. very good!

After enjoying the refreshing view of Mt Mayon, I headed to Legazpi City Port where Embarcadero and The Boulevard is.

Kudos to Legazpi City! This used to look like a slum area.

No need to take off my motorcycle gear for this ride.

The bumber gives you an idea what could happen if… …SO WHAT!!?! Let’s go!

Banking on four wheels??

Pedal to the metal!!

Trying my best to stay on the racing line..

A track official later invited me to join the competition because they think I did very well on my laps.

It was indeed a rush! And it’s only for Php 70.00 per 2 laps (click here for the Rates) with a free use of quality helmets and pads. I headed to The Boulevard while I wait for the adrenalin to subside.

Finally a view of Mayon Volcano from The Boulevard

The Kapuntukan (Sleeping Lion Hill) in the foreground

Im sure there would be a lot more to see the next time I visit Legazpi.

On my way home, I stopped by Daraga Church

The skyscrapers of Manila is nothing compared to the beauty of Mayon.. I will miss you Mayon..

I got home without suffering from a single raindrop that day. It was a blessed day! And I am praying it stays that way until I make it back to Laguna.

About Dom de la Torre

The rider is a 20-something Filipino that rides a Honda Wave 125cc underbone. He knows little about motorcycles yet loves the experience going places on two wheels. Rider Ako is a motorcycle-slash-travel blog. The rider not only shares to you travel destinations and what to see there but also the experience of getting there. You will read about the thrills and adventure when he rides solo, the romance of riding in tandem, the camaraderie riding with a group, the excitement participating in events, and anything that he thinks you might find interesting.When he's broke and the fuel's empty, he will share stories about motorcycling how he sees it through his helmet visor.
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