10 Gift Ideas for the Filipino Motorcyclist

If you are looking for a gift for a motorcycle rider, you are in luck, it’s very easy! You have dozens of options if not hundreds. But don’t just go buying any motorcycle accessory you see on the shop. In fact, I discourage you from getting anything of that sort unless specified by the “giftee”. How would you feel if you get a mascara from me that I just picked randomly from a row of identical canisters not knowing what your preference is?  Instead, get them something they would like and can be useful at the same time.


Actually, there’s a big probability majority of the Philippine motorcycling population might not like some of the suggestions I have on the list but I came up with this giving priority to a rider’s safety and well-being.

REMINDER: Most of the items here are Class A products. Here’s the list….

GLOVES. Aside from a helmet, a good pair of gloves is a must-have for a rider. When a rider crashes, the body will instinctively always put a hand (or hands) out to protect other vital parts. Without gloves, the rider would be lucky if he only suffers minor abrasion to his palm and fingers.

This costs P350-500 and is available in most of the motorcycle shops.

Look for full-fingered gloves with knuckle protectors. There’s a difference between gloves for motorcyclists and those used by mountain bikers not to mention gardening gloves. Don’t get confused.

More expensive brands offers much better comfort and costs around P1500 up.

PROTECTIVE PADS. A lot of riders don’t realize that wearing proper protective gears is always a must. A hoodie or pair of Levi’s is not enough to protect the rider’s knees, shins shoulders and elbows.

A simple knee and elbow guard set costs around P400 in most of the motorcycle shops.

A thicker and more expensive set of pads like the Pole Position costs around P1500.

A full body armor or an armored jacket offers additional protection with pads to the shoulder, back and chest.

A fox body armor costs around P800-1000.

A padded jacket is more convenient than strapping separate pads. It usually costs P1500-2500 (Class A) or P3500 up (Original)

HIGH VISIBILITY VESTS. Being seen on the road is very important to a motorcyclist. A bright, reflective vest can easily catch other motorists attention on the highway especially if they are multi-tasking on their smart phone.

This is available in construction supply stores for P150-350.

This one’s more macho-looking at P800

RAINCOAT. Rain is one of the worst enemy of a rider. A good raincoat should be able to keep the rider dry and comfortable. Most riders prefer a poncho because it can easily be worn but offers less protection from the rain. Go for a 2-pice raincoat but please stay away from those made of thick plastics or rubber like that used by your kids.

Poncho raincoats are available in most motorcycle shops for P250-350

Poncho raincoats are available in most motorcycle shops for P250-350

A two-piece raincoat like that of Givi or Blitzkrieg costs P800-1200

A two-piece raincoat like that of Givi or Blitzkrieg costs P800-1200.

A cheap, disposable (mine can last up to 5 use), pocket-sized poncho raincoat costs P40

A cheap, disposable (I use up to 5 times), pocket-sized poncho raincoat costs P40.

BALACLAVA. The thing with helmets is they don’t get washed at all often. A blaclava keeps the helmet clean as well as the rider’s face and neck.

The price depends of the material and brand. It costs P100 up.

This is more popular to bikers but riders also use this.

All pictures on this post were taken from the web. Credits to the owners.

TIRE INFLATOR. Getting a flat tire is a common experience to most motorists. Motorcycles especially are more prone to a tire puncture because of the relatively small and thinner tire. Being able to inflate and seal punctured tire without going to a vulcanizing shop can be done with a portable tire inflator. It’s a pressurized can with a sealant and compressed air.

One canister repair a tire 3-7 times depending on the size of the puncture.     It costs P200-300.

Cycle Seal is a tire sealant placed on the interior of the tire prior to use. It automatically seals the tire if punctured.

One box costs P250-300 and has two sachets; enough to fill two motorcycle tires.

LOCK. Parked motorcycles are secured by locking its handlebar to one side thanks to the default locking mechanism common to all bikes. However, this is not foolproof and extra precautions are needed.

A small lock placed on the disc pad of a motorcycle.

This lock is best for securing motorcycles to something fixed like a fence. Longer locks can secure a helmet together with the motorcycle.

CARE PRODUCTS. There are a lot of options what cleaning products you can give as a gift. These are the same as those used in cars.. Not the interior care products of course, or those for windshield care. Look for a degreaser, a shampoo, a color enhancer, etc

Prices vary but usually starts around P150 for a bottle of something.

Prices vary but usually starts around P150 for a bottle of something.

FUEL. And of course, the common denominator of all motorcycles. No silly, you don’t need to haul five liters of Petrol to the party. Get re-loadable fuel card.

A re-loadable fuel card.

I have mine tucked somewhere on my motorcycle so when I’m short on  cash, I have a back-up.

As you may have noticed, I did not include HELMET on the list. A rider should already own one. If they don’t, there’s no point in encouraging them to continue riding. If they ask for an additional helmet, go ahead. Make sure it fits well. Happy shopping and thank you for making that rider a safer and more responsible motorist with your gift!

You have something to add to my list? Let us know in the Comments. 🙂

About Dom de la Torre

The rider is a 20-something Filipino that rides a Honda Wave 125cc underbone. He knows little about motorcycles yet loves the experience going places on two wheels. Rider Ako is a motorcycle-slash-travel blog. The rider not only shares to you travel destinations and what to see there but also the experience of getting there. You will read about the thrills and adventure when he rides solo, the romance of riding in tandem, the camaraderie riding with a group, the excitement participating in events, and anything that he thinks you might find interesting.When he's broke and the fuel's empty, he will share stories about motorcycling how he sees it through his helmet visor.
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