Ternate-Nasugbu (aka Kaybiang) Tunnel: The Longest Underground Road Tunnel in the Philippines

If you are going to Nasugbu, Batangas and you are from Manila, you have no choice but to pass through Tagaytay City or at least it’s neighboring towns like Alfonso, Amadeo, Mendez, etc. Have you ever been to Tagaytay especially on a weekend? The climate is cool, right? But the traffic? Damn right it’s as crazy as hell! For those who’s not familiar with Tagaytay, it’s more or less like Baguio – a busy city on a mountain! A lot of us in Laguna, Batangas, Cavite and Metro Manila prefer Tagaytay when we want to cool down and relax. That’s when the narrow streets of Tagaytay gets clogged. But not everyone stuck in traffic up there is visiting Tagaytay, some live there, and some are just passing through as they make their to or from Nasugbu and it’s neighboring towns.


Thankfully, the number of cars might just decrease as an alternate route will be open to the public soon. It will be is the longest underground road tunnel in the Philippines. It will connect Ternate, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas through Mt Palay-Palay. The longest in the Philippines, eh? Just how long is it?

According to SEG Rockworks and Engineering, together with SANVIL Blasting Services, the project started March of 2009. Okay, that’s already 4 years of digging and paving. First, let’s hear some trivia and make a comparison while we are at it. The longest road tunnel in the world is Laerdal Tunnel in Norway at 24,510 meters (that’s exactly how long EDSA is) and took 5.5 years to complete. The Menora Tunnel in Malaysia is 800 meters long and took 3 years to complete. So, just how long is this LONGEST TUNNEL of ours? 300 meters. Oh no, I didn’t forget any zeroes there. Three. Effing. Hundred. Meters. It’s been 4 years and still under construction!

Pics copied from SEG Rockworks website.

Pics copied from SEG Rockworks website.

The green highlight is the Ternate-Nasugbu highway which is still under construction.

The green highlight is the Ternate-Nasugbu highway which is still under construction.

From an article of GMA News: “…the resort’s developer, Boulevard Holdings Inc. (BHI) said they held the final blasting ceremony last November 29 and had several motor vehicles pass through..” Keyword there is “ceremony”. I was there mid-March and only light vehicles, if not, only motorcycles can pass through. There are still construction works on-going in the tunnel and the roads leading to it.

Just how much longer it is going to take for this to be completed is beyond me.

Just how much longer it is going to take for this to be completed is beyond me.

According to the people working there, they even close the tunnel to all vehicles Monday – Saturday from 8AM-5PM when they work “extensively” on the structure. They also added that they may deny passage anytime as they see fit. Anyway, I was there on a Sunday and only a handful of workers were there. From Ternate, at KM 67 make a left on the highway. The tunnel is only 3 kms away.

Keep going and you'll end up in the Marine Base of Caylabne Resort

Keep going and you’ll end up in the Marine Base of Caylabne Resort

This is the entrance in the Cavite side. No signs whatsoever. Permission to pass is like they say: a "base to base casis"

This is the entrance in the Cavite side. No signs whatsoever. Permission to pass is, like they say: a “base to base casis”

It is very dark inside. There’s also a lot of debris as construction is still on-going. There are scaffolding blocking portions of the road so anything bigger than a tricycle might not be allowed to pass. After passing through all the ruckus inside the dark tube, you’ll be rewarded of a refreshing view of Batangas.

I'm think with better lighting, the workers would get things done faster, don't you think?

I think with better lighting, the workers would get things done faster, don’t you think?

Hello Batangas!!

Hello Batangas!! There’s Fort Frank once more..

A little farther down the road, another island will come to view. Limbones Island.

A little farther down the road, another island will come to view. Limbones Island.

Here’s a little trivia. On a previous post, I mentioned that the islands nearby, El Fraile and Carabao Island was fortified as Forts Drum and Frank. What about Limbones Island, you might wonder. Well, according to Fots2 of corregidor.proboards.com (click here to learn more) the island only served as the “eyes” of the Harbor Defenses of Manila Bay.

KM97? makes no sense. Hmmm..

KM97? makes no sense. Hmmm..

an overlooking view of Tablon Cove.

an overlooking view of Tablon Cove.

Not only is the tunnel not finished even the road linking the tunnel to the nearest highway is also underconstruction

Not only is the tunnel not finished even the road linking the tunnel to the nearest highway is also under construction.

a small fishing village of Tablon (?) Beach

a small fishing village of Tablon (?) Beach

When I had enough dusty road for almost 3 kilometers, I turned around.

When I had enough dusty road for almost 3 kilometers, I turned around.

I realized that the road I passed by earlier which is almost on the beach is just temporary. They are paving a road on a nearby hill.

I realized that the road I passed by earlier which is almost on the beach is just temporary. They are paving a road on a nearby hill.

Top left pic is the famous Pico de Loro, right?

Top left pic is the famous Pico de Loro, right?

It's so hot, I wouldn't mind taking a dip.. Or, maybe I do..

It’s so hot, I wouldn’t mind taking a dip.. Or maybe I do.. :p

Tire check! works well on the beach after all..

Tire check! works well on the beach after all..

I needed to be in SM Rosario for lunch so I saddled up and rode back into the tunnel. I actually have it on video. It’s here. Yes, it’s shaky and noisy.. But if you can tolerate that, maybe you can also watch these downhill skateboarders I tailed on my way down to Ternate.

I have bad news guys, the tunnel might be passable to all vehicles soon. Make the most of your "playground" while you can. Nice rides you got there!

I have bad news guys, the tunnel might be passable to all vehicles soon. Make the most of your “playground” while you can. Stay safe!

Speaking of safe, these goats never budged even if I almost ran them over coming off the turn. Lazy bastards!

Speaking of safe, these goats never budged even if I almost ran them over coming off the turn. Bastards!

So this is just near SM Rosario. I will pay a longer visit next time, Heneral!

So this is just near SM Rosario. I will pay a longer visit next time, Heneral!

A couple of more shots while cooling down when I got home at 2PM.

A couple of more shots while cooling down when I got home at 2PM.

I have really not seen much of Cavite and I’m glad that on this day, I headed that way. I shall come back for more.. As for my tire.. I’m keeping it! 🙂

About Dom de la Torre

The rider is a 20-something Filipino that rides a Honda Wave 125cc underbone. He knows little about motorcycles yet loves the experience going places on two wheels. Rider Ako is a motorcycle-slash-travel blog. The rider not only shares to you travel destinations and what to see there but also the experience of getting there. You will read about the thrills and adventure when he rides solo, the romance of riding in tandem, the camaraderie riding with a group, the excitement participating in events, and anything that he thinks you might find interesting.When he's broke and the fuel's empty, he will share stories about motorcycling how he sees it through his helmet visor.
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77 Responses to Ternate-Nasugbu (aka Kaybiang) Tunnel: The Longest Underground Road Tunnel in the Philippines

  1. bumble says:

    FYI. Kaybiang tunnel is located in Sta. Mercedez, MARAGONDON, Cavite. It’s just being misconstrued as located in Ternate, because the tunnel connects the Ternate-Nasugbu Hi-ways. Please correct on your next blogs.

    • Thanks for making that clear Bumble. I never mentioned on this post where it is exactly located other than say it connects Ternate and Nasugbu. But you are correct, the tunnel itself is in Maragondon. I’ll make sure to specify that on the next topic about the tunnel. Are you from the area, can you please let me know when it’s 100% open to the public? Ang ganda talaga kasi ng view diyan, nakaka-relax 🙂

      • No, the tunnel is not in Maragondón. It is in Ternate. By the way, me and my family were there last Sunday (02/16/2013). There are no more debris. Construction is complete. Several motorists are compelled to stop by for a couple of photo ops. It was a beautiful experience for us. I will blog about it soon. Your blogpost is well-written and very informative. Kudos, and have a safe trip always!

        • rex says:

          If I may correct this is the exact address of Kay Biang Tunnel
          Address: Ternate-Nasugbu Hwy, Maragondon, Philippines
          It is connecting Maragondon and Nasugbu, it so happens that the road was named Ternate-Nasugbu for the reason that it connects Ternate only and the exact location using your GPS is Maragondon, Cavite

    • benny says:

      No, actually the tunnel is located at Kaybiang which is part of Ternate and not Maragondon. Sta Mercedes is several kilometers away from the tunnel

  2. jm says:

    Open to private cars na kaya ang tunnel? Planning to go there this June 8 tnx

  3. Nice entry Doms! I hope to visit Kaybiang tunnel soon… nakakainggit yung mga pictures!

    Live Free!

    – The Pinoy Rider

  4. Karsa says:

    Kadaraan ko lang noong July 6 ng madaling araw. Barely passable palang sa Batangas side. Maraming parts na isang lane lang bukas, maraming debris, walang barriers sa gilid at walang ilaw.

    May matandang babae na nakahiga sa kalye. Mukhang sya yung matandang babae na parati nakaupo sa kalye kung galing sa kabilang side papuntang Hamilo Coast. Buti at nakita ko sya at hindi nasagasaan. Medyo malayo layo pa yon sa Hamilo, pababa palang. Hindi ko na nagawang huminto. Naisip ko lang pag lagpas kung tulog sya o patay na. Naisip ko kung titigil ako kung babalikan ko sya. Pero di ko na nagawa. Kasama ko dalawang kapatid kong babae sa kotse. Di ko alam kung safe yung lugar. Sana di naman sya patay. Sana may tumulong sa kanya.

    Mga 10km bago mag Hamilo, parang wala talagang dumadaan sa kalye. Walang nagmamaintain ng damo sa gilid ng kalye, sakop na malaking parte ng kalye. Sa bandang baba, mukhang ang daming putik sa kalye. Hindi pala sya putik kundi dumi ng baka. Hindi mo maiiwasan. Mapupuno yung gulong mo ng dumi ng baka. Ang daming baka at sa gitna talaga ng kalye sila nakahiga. Kailangan businahan mo ng businahan bago sila tumayo. At ang bagal nila tumayo.

    Sana maayos na tong daan na to dahil makakatipid isang oras mahigit papuntang Hamilo.

  5. Ed Matic says:

    What is weird about Sta. Mercedes (or Patungan) is, before this tunnel, this small town has no direct access to the poblacion of Maragondon (or even Cavite province) but by boat.

  6. i am from marikina, i visited pico de loro once and i like to visit again and look around nasugbu but dont like to pass via tagaytay again please pass info whenever kaybiang tunnel opens. i will visit your website every now and then..thanks for your info.

    • Open na daw po 24/7 sabi ng mga riders na dumaan dun. Yun nga lang yung paving ng road ay di pa tapos lahat.

      • Jglenn says:

        seems fun for adventure all posted comments and interesting so rather to avoid other s feedback shall we all ask the experts of the territorial boundaries of the nearby towns as well as considering “if’ Maragondon is the biggest “bayan” in Cavite neither big as surrounded by water or land. Okay fellows, travellers are friendly to show directions… thanks for everyone info,,,, best to find out is,,, who gave the permit to construct this tunnel and show the specs everyone must be safe not try to be safe,,, this 300 meters underground tunnel maust not cause no one 6 feet under.

  7. anthony says:

    Ano kayang nangyari dun sa matandang babae na nakahiga sa kalsada?

  8. yaj says:

    guys, pasable ba using cars?

  9. jet vitug says:

    i am going to calatagan nxt week coming from manila, are you recommending that i take this route that passes thru the tunnel?

    • Hi Jet! To play it safe, I suggest you take the usual route passing by Tagaytay. Pero sabi naman ng previous comment eh wala na daw yung rough roads. It’s all up to you sir.

  10. july manuel says:

    pwede na daanan ang kaybiang tunnel dumaan kami noong august 9 going to batangas, pero dapat sa araw lang not recommended pag inabot ka ng gabi kasi may mga “putol na daan ” na di semento na posibling d makita kung gabi siguradong sasayad ang vehicle sa parteng looc batangas,

  11. Gerry says:

    Hello Mr. Riderako,
    I am Gerry, I was one of the engineers who built the Tipo Road Tunnel in SUBIC bay. It was my task ( rock support) which assures the stability of the tunnel during construction and life of the tunnel.
    Now, this Ternate-Nasugbu road tunnel is my second hi-way (transport tunnel) tunnel in the Philippines. This time I am the Manager (SEG ROCKWORKS AND ENG’G.), the Tunnel Engineer, and as the Rock Support Engineer as one. We could have finished this earlier if we had not problems with the Road-Right-Of-Way problem with the land owners which cost us more than a year. We also have some revisions of designs, deliberations and eventually approval. Please be informed that this is the first formally implemented tunnel project by the DPWH-BOC.
    Because the tunnel is short, cost for mechanized (automated jumbo drilling machines) drilling method proved impractical for us than the conventional method. Excavation could have been faster.
    Additional works (Variation Order) were made thus extending the time table.
    Please be informed that we Filipino engineers were the ones digging most of the tunnels in middle East, most of Asia especially now in Hong Kong. We also have the finest tunnel engineers in the world.
    For me, it is just comparing our best of the best Marine RECON to the highly equipped U.S. Marine RECON.
    Believe in the FILIPINO, Yes we can!



    • Thanks for sharing, Gerry! It’s always good to hear the other side of the story 🙂

    • Jglenn says:

      Engr. Gerry, giving the benefit of a doubt as we all are to love our own ,, should been better that before starting the project all obstacles to caus any possible delay should had been handled appropriately like ‘road right of way”/ this just s bad to hear in NCR that MMDA always talks about expanding roads, color coding when infact people so hang up with all this bank finacing car loans that causes traffic. Proper negotiations, transactions are part of handling technical issues. Ayos po! doesnt matter what big names of companies people get involve it is the accuracy . Want another example ? govt. is o hang up talking about solving flood areas , erosion but still development permits are issued to expand construction of houses nd industrial infras do you believe engineers truly construct proer drainage to these projects? Erosion , flood and earthquake proove? is the tunnel guaranteed safe from calamities based on your expertise? Many says PHils. is in progress so what caused all cost of damages? It is all engineering works,, so pls expand sharing to others to stop ” slow men at work, on going negotiation,,, oops construction… God bless padre!

  12. Nald says:

    I dint post any query however, thanks for the information, all question are already answered. last year pa nag-aabang para makadaan passing that tunnel.

  13. lalou says:

    mga sir thanks for the info baka dumaan kami dito tomorrow morning, dito kami ngaun sa pico de loro ang tagaytay road ang tinake namin and ininform kami ng mga employees dito na mas madali nga daw kung mag ternate kami dadaan, ang problem lang baka baha ung daan dahil sa habagat at baka maligaw kami.. hehe

  14. problembro? says:

    kakadaan lang namin kanina from Pico de loro to manila via ternate-nasugbu tunnel, it took us 2hrs to get to coastal road. bilis ng byahe namin from 4-5hrs to get to manila..un nga lang nakaktakot ung daan, walang masyadong tao , mga trabahador lang na nag aayos sa tunnel at sa mga naglandslide na area. ok na ung daan,sementado na lahat,,ganda ng view bago dumating ng tunnel, hindi talaga maganda mag byahe ng gabi, delikado ung daan, thanks sa mga nag share ng experience nila dito 🙂

    ride safe guys 🙂

  15. ricardo mendoza says:

    hi guys naka daan ako last june pero bumaba kami sa may seaside ask ko lang pwede na dumaan sa may highway at saan ang labas

  16. Bernie Consigo says:

    Maganda ung view dito… taga Nasugbu, Batangas ako… kagagaling ko lang sa tunnel nung August 25… recommend ko na kung galing kayo Cavite magRight Turn kayo sa intersection sa Brgy. Looc to see much more breathtaking views… madadaanan nio ang Punta Fuego and other resorts… and mas maganda ung road…

  17. A Perez says:

    We have a company outing tomorrow using a rented bus (49-seater). Will there be any problems from Manila to Nasugbu, Batangas? Thanks.

    • Hello! mukhang wala naman.. if sedans can make it, mas kaya siguro ng bus since rough roads ang concern. wala namang makipot na daan.

      • anthony says:

        Mas maganda atang mag tagaytay nalang kayo via slex kung bus ang dala niyo, difficult ang terrain diyan sa nasugbu-ternate road lalo sa parte ng batangas, may mga lugar na madulas dahil sa umaagos na tubig galing bundok at may matatarik na kurbang daan. maraming nagka- landslide na area from the last monsoon rains at may mga kalsadang maaaring gumuho pag dinaanan ng malalaking sasakyan. Puro bangin diyan at bihira ang dumadaan. Pero kung maayos naman ang sasakyan niyo at gusto niyo ng adventure at maraming magagandang view then go ahead via kaybiang tunnel.

  18. Evelyn Louise says:

    I live in California and I go to Batangas once or twice a year whenever convenient. I have heard about the new tunnel road that will shorten the trip from the airport “Ninoy Aquino” Can you tell me if the tunnel is completely finished? How long is the trip from Ninoy to Nasugbu? I am anxious to see and use the road to my destination, but would hate to experience anything that will prolong the trip after 15 hours on the plane. It’s not going to be fun. I heard that it really shorten the hours of the trip. As you know the traffic from the airport is horrendous, unbearable at times, too many jeepnies, buses and tricycles and emissions coming from these vehicles.

  19. Gerry says:

    Hello Evelyn,

    The tunnel is open to public and is passable. As Doms de la Torre says of the strong rain, possible rock slides may occur. We might be installing the 16 jet fans next week, traffic might be interrupted on the day likely. Avoid the late travel, we concentrate our installation during night shift. Enjoy, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

  20. A.Barcelon says:

    nice..really love nasugbu specially the beach

  21. Jason Mendoza Austral says:

    Hi to all… na basa ko lahat ng conversation regarding to kaybiang tunnel, I wanna try to go to that tunnel… I’m from General Trias Cavite… But don’t how to get there, please help me guys… thanks.. =)

  22. Michael Noe V. Magsakay says:

    hi everyone and dom de la torre, can you please help me find a way going there using a motorcycle?? me and my group here in mandaluyong wants to experience going in kaybiang tunnel. please do send me a route best way and option to be there (magsakay.michaelnoe@gmail.com)

    thanks and ride safe,

    Michael Noe V. Magsakay
    Easy Riders Club – President

    • HI Michael! Shortest route would be Las Pinas > Imus > Kawit then take Antero Soriano Highway through Rosario > Gen Tree > Tanza > Naic > Ternate. Check out Google Maps, you can easily plot the preferred route depending what you’re most familiar with. Good luck and enjoy!

  23. Merla says:

    Hello!were going to hamilo this weekend and we heard about the tunnel.pude niompo ba ituro yung mga possible na dadaanan f we come from roxas boulevard.can we pass by thru caviteitex mas easier ba at mabils.thank you.

    • Hello Merla! Yes, mas mabilis via CAVITEX. Then sa dere-deretso na lang yung to Naic/Maragondon/Ternate area via the EPZA Diversion road. Marami namang markers along the way so you should be OK 🙂

  24. Pat says:

    Thanks for this post. I find this very informative and useful especially for those finding for an alternative route going to Nasugbu. Any other safety concerns passing through this route other than the possible landslides and rough roads? May NPA ba sa Batangas?

    • Thank you, Pat. Mukhang wala namang threat ng NPA dun. If meron man, I think they won’t randomly go after civilians. You might want to contact the local police though for additional peace of mind.

  25. Gigi says:

    Hi just got back from our road trip to nasugbu-tagaytay thru kaybiang tunnel… It was breathtaking! My kids enjoyed the scenery! Me part na me road constructions pa pero konti na lang yun… All are passable naman… No more rough roads… Me isang area lang na one lane lang pero maikli lang… Thanks sa mga pics mo… Esp yun km 67 pic… Yun yung inabangan ko talaga so i will know kung liliko na ako. Yun km marks talaga ang tinitignan ko kasi i will know kung tama yun dinadaan ko… Hehehe… I will definitely go back again.. Hopefully makapag overnight stay na kami sa Hamilo coast… Road trip lang talaga ginawa namin… Esp di nawala yun pagkain namin sa kainan sa dalapasigan sa nasugbu! Hehehe… Thanks again!

  26. erwin says:

    kaggaling lang nmin kanina…riding in motorcycle with my wife and two kids…5 year old and 2 year old..hehehe katakot… pero enjoy!!!..we’re from las pinas. we travelled almost 2 hours. nkatipid kami ng 1 hour na biyahe…yung eldest ko kasi ayaw sumakay ng bus..pahirapan… nagsusuka sa biyahe…okay nman ang daan…dpat ingat lang talaga…

    • Naku! problema ko din yan sa pamangkin ko. Nagsusuka lage sa 4-wheels.. Trike at motor lang gusto. Kawawa! Kaya gusto ko man po kayong pagsabihan about safety at kung ano-anong bawal, naiintindihan ko rin kahit papano. Ingat lage sir!

  27. Mj says:

    Thankk you for sharing you experience about the way going to Nasugbu, it will be very usfull when we go there.

    I just like ot ask if you can recommend a good place to eat in between the course of MOA & Nasugbu. Normally we eat lunch in tagaytay & proceed to Nasugbu, but i dont know anyplace to eat here. CAn u recommed a good place.

    Also what the best marker to look out for from the main road going to the uphill the leads to the tunnel?

    • Hey MJ, I’m sorry I rely mostly on energy bars during trips so I can’t recommend a nice place to eat.

      As long as you stay on the main road to Maragondon then Ternate, you will be OK. You can watch out for the ads posted by beach resorts in Ternate like Puerto Azul. At KM 67, make the left turn. The tunnel is 3 kms away.

    • Gerry says:

      Hello MJ, when we constructed the tunnel we usually bring our visitors at Lolo Claros. That is 100 meters before Maragondon. Lolo Claro was believed to be on of the cook that made Max’s Fried Chicken. The chicken is good and taste like with the Max’s. Maragondon is after Naic and a kilometer before Naic. Please do not forget to mix soy with catsup a perfect dip for the fried chicken.

  28. Gerry says:

    MJ that is ” after Naic and a kilometer from TERNATE”
    my apologies.

  29. We have just rode last November 16 there going to Hamilo Coast. The road is very impressive. Its perfect for some drifting action with my trikes plus the added scenery, it was a total package! BTW here’s my story – http://www.websaytko.com/6229-viajista-hamilo-coast-adventure.html

  30. marlon terbio says:

    Sir, I’m willing to join ur nxt ride as long as my schedule permits. Just completed northloop using ur blog as reference.. add me up on facebook. marlont027@yahoo.com

  31. Kispangit says:

    Doms, you rock. Keep it up!

  32. Bhett_M says:

    I’ve been looking around the net searching for cheapest and nearest place to camp out this summer, and I ended reading you blog and redirecting me to this tunnel which makes me excited passing through. Hahaha. Thanks!

  33. Any resorts in hamilo aside from pico de loro? please…

  34. tunaandpie says:

    hi guys my name is paul im from imus cavite. planning to go at hamilo this weekend any idea for the fuel consumption? gas yung kotse (sedan type) thanks God Bless..

  35. done going to tunnel at ternate april 9 and may 1,2014 thru bike sulit ang pagod pagdating dun…

  36. Thor says:

    Good day, safe ba sya daanan especially for those na na nakamotorcycle? how about for the NPA? baka kasi may nghaharang sa daan?

    • al says:

      Been there last aug27 ok ung daan medyo nakakatakot pag pahapon na dumaan.pero sulit sa scenery
      Btw, may on going road construction papunta dun pero maikli lang around 200mtrs. So far safe naman tska mabilis lang byahe parang lagi lang talaga may bubulaga sau esp sa magubat na lugar

  37. Rey says:

    So if I want to go from Silang, Cavite to Punta Fuego in Nasugbu would it be easier to take the tunnel than to go through tagaytay?

    • Hey Rey, sorry this got routed to the spam section and now ko lang na-check. There might be no significant difference what route you take in terms of time and distance. I would still recommend via Ternate just because of the refreshing scenery. HTH

  38. Michael Noe V. Magsakay says:

    Hope to accompany you Sir Doms soon as you ride again and take an adventure here in the philippines.

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