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The rider is a 20-something Filipino that rides a Honda Wave 125cc underbone. He knows little about motorcycles yet loves the experience going places on two wheels. Rider Ako is a motorcycle-slash-travel blog. The rider not only shares to you travel destinations and what to see there but also the experience of getting there. You will read about the thrills and adventure when he rides solo, the romance of riding in tandem, the camaraderie riding with a group, the excitement participating in events, and anything that he thinks you might find interesting.When he's broke and the fuel's empty, he will share stories about motorcycling how he sees it through his helmet visor.

The Rest of the Bicol Trip

To maximize our trip, I suggested to Yinyan that we make another stop before leaving Sorsogon. We will be a little off course but since the rain has stopped, there’s no more excuse not to ride some more. We refueled … Continue reading

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Juag (Island) Fish Sanctuary

When I learned we were going to another island, I was sure enough that I would be crossing out another island from the 7,107 the Philippines has. That’s when my friend reminded me that this is the same island we … Continue reading

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Subic (Laki) Beach in Calintaan Island, Matnog, Sorsogon

So there we are out in the sea on a small motorized banca in total darkness. Thank goodness it was smooth-sailing. Back in college, this same friend hosting this overnight beach camping let me tag along on a scary banca … Continue reading

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Sorsogon Motorcycle Tour (Part 2): Matnog and Beyond

From Lake Bulusan, we are only about 30kms from Matnog. I have informed a friend from Matnog that we will be in the area and hinted it is almost lunchtime. Hehe! Sure enough, he told me come visit him and … Continue reading

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Sorsogon Motorcycle Tour (Part 1): Lake Bulusan

After someone has ridden a motorcycle 500 kms to Bicol, there’s little reason not to ride 150 kms more to the southern tip of Luzon. It’s one of the more common item in an adventure rider’s bucket list after all. … Continue reading

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Soon to Open(?):Binan – Sta Rosa Access Road

As usual, I’m off to a slow start with blogging this 2014. I would like to start with a good news though – a construction of a new road that might just help make traffic lighter in my neighborhood. It … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!

I have been lazy busy during the Holidays but I don’t want to end this year without extending my heartfelt thanks to the visitors of Riderako! Here’s to more destinations and more mileage! Happy New Year!! Cheers 2014!

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Bucket List: I have one too, you know!?

I have finally come up with my official motorcycle and travel bucket list. I wouldn’t say that there is all to it but for the mean time, those are what matters to me. I will always come back to update … Continue reading

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Riding Angry (Part 2 of 2): The Coastal Road of Sagnay

The road less traveled is less traveled for obvious reasons. Oftentimes though, taking that turn (intentionally or not) to the off-beaten path is very rewarding.  The Sagnay-Tiwi road is no different. I have tried multiple times to ride this road … Continue reading

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Riding Angry (Part 1 of 2): A Quick Stop in Naga City

Yinyan is another Honda Wave 125 rider from Laguna Moto Club and is my frequent riding buddy. The longest ride we did was with 2 other riders to Daet, Camarines Sur in Bicol. He didn’t see much of Bicol so … Continue reading

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