Roadside Scenery of Tinglayan: Where are you Sleeping Beauty??

Tinglayan is a municipality of Kalinga in the Cordillera Region. It’s name was derived from the word “Tinonglay” which means the making of an earthen container where sugarcane wine is brewed. Looking at the map, the terrain is made up mostly of towering mountains and the famous Sleeping Beauty. Thanks to the gradual improvement of the highway system in this region, there are better opportunities for the residents.

I have not heard nor read about this part of the Cordillera before setting out on my North Luzon Loop trip but that’s the whole idea. I want it to be a surprise. One setback of that though is I cannot wander off to some unknown trail I see along the way. The main highway I am on has been more than enough of an adventure trail anyway. The scenery was amazing too! And what is this Sleeping Beauty you speak of?

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A Spooky Overnight Stay in Lubuagan, Kalinga

I have no problem staying on the road at night on less remote areas during my motorcycle trips. For example, I once rode for 22 hours to Samar. When I first explored the Cordillera Region,barely made it out of Banaue before dark and rode the rest of the 350 kms way back to Laguna until past 2AM the following day. And my 9-hour Bicol trips has 4 or 5 hours before sunrise or after sunset. Even those 100-km quick trips are not daylight dependent.


Yeah, I’m a badass overflowing with courage even the Chico dams couldn’t contain it (had it been built)!

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Chico River and the Beauty of Kalinga That Could Have Been Damm(n)ed

Cagayan River has quite a few major tributaries since it is located between two, large mountain ranges. One of those rivers is the Chico River in the Cordillera Mountains located southwest of Tuguegarao City. This river system is 175 kms long with tributaries as far as Ifugao and Benguet down south. The route I am planning to take going to Bontoc happens to go side by side with the Chico so it’s only fitting that I start this chapter of my North Luzon Loop with its very interesting story. You are going to see a lot of the Chico in the next few posts so pay attention.


Still not interested? How about if I throw in the name you’ve read so often as I explored the Ilocos Region? That’s right, Marcos is tied up even with this remote river up in the mountains.
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Passing Through Cagayan

I crossed the Ilocos-Cagayan boundary at 10AM on the third day of my North Luzon Loop Ride. I planned to take a more risky and off-beaten route into the Cordilleras and spend the night in Sagada. It’s an ambitious plan since I have none or just a few bits of information about that part of Cordillera Mountains. I didn’t worry about it when I was planning this trip and I don’t plan of worrying about it now. Anyway, it is still 250 kms away.


I still have a lot of ground to cover. One whole province to be exact. The province of Cagayan. Do you know how many bridges connects the province? We will see them later on. “Let’s cross the bridge when we get there”. Sorry, I can’t resist.

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Leaving Ilocos Via Patapat Bridge

Pagudpud is around 570 kilometers from Manila. It may be a long travel, but it definitely won’t disappoint you. For a motorcycle rider, this town is extra special because it is the edge of mainland Luzon. Getting here on two wheels feels like: “What now, Luzon?! Is that all you got?” And there’s no better way to celebrate that achievement than to pose in the French Riviera of the North. The usual shots on the bridge are very common so I’ll have mine UNDER it.


Wait! How can I be talking about an achievement when the previous post ended with me stranded on Maira-ira Beach with an empty gas tank?

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Maira-ira Point: Timmangtang Rock, Bantay Abot Cave, Blue Lagoon, and Dos Hermanos Islands

I started my day very early but since I visited the Bangui Wind Farm before leaving Saud Beach, it was already 7:45 AM when I left for the rest of Pagudpud. According to folktales, Pagudpud was from an exhausted Batangueño peddler’s response when asked what’s his purpose for the visit. He doesn’t know Ilokano but answered anyway. “Ako’y pagud na pagod at ang sapatos ko’y pudpod”. The reply became the byword of the residents and soon became “Pagud-Pudpod” and  later shortened to Pagudpud.


Maira-ira Point is in Pagudpud and it is the northernmost tip of mainland Luzon. The western side of it is Bangui Bay (where Saud Beach and Bangui Wind Farm are) and to the East is Pasaleng Bay. What to see in Pasaleng Bay?

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The Bangui Wind Farm and What You Probably Didn’t Notice

..or maybe you did. Anyway, let’s get to that later on. We are still on my North Luzon Loop Series I did back in April for my birthday. I started back in Laguna and made my way north on my motorcycle with the idea to visit (and re-visit) the tourist destinations of Northern Luzon particularly the Ilocos Region.


After two days on the road, I have reached Pagudpud. I didn’t think I’d make it here until Day 3 but thanks to a late afternoon dash I did after Laoag City, I am actually ahead of schedule. How did that night end?

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