Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list so I thought I’ll have mine documented too. Here it is focused on motorcycles and travel.

It’s not just about the destination. Sometimes, there isn’t even a destination.

South Luzon (Bicol)
Status: Done
When: April 2010, February 2011, December 2011, April 2012, July 2012,  August 2012, December 2012, May 2013
What’s Next: Do it 25 times.

North Luzon Loop (Manila-Ilocos-Cagayan-Manila)
Status: Done
When: Nov 2010, April 2013
What’s Next: Complete it in less than 48 hours

Inner North Loop (Manila-Baguio-Sagada-Banaue-Manila)
Status: Done
When: April 2012
What’s Next: Do it during the rainy season.

Philippines Loop (Luzon-Visayas-Mindanao)
Status: Not done
What’s Next:

Visayas Loop (Samar-Leyte-Cebu-Bohol)
Status: Not done
What’s Next:

Ride in the Expressway / Skyway
Status: Not done
What’s Next:

Pass on each of the five main entry/exit points to Baguio City
Status: 4/5 done
Kennon Road – Nov 2010, April 2013
Marcos Highway –
Naguilian Road – Nov 2010
Halsema Highway – April 2012, April 2013
Benguet-Nueva Vizcaya Road – April 2012

Explore Cervantes via Bessang Pass
Status: Not done
What’s Next:

Take the shortest way from Vigan to Tuguegarao.
Status: Not done
What’s Next:

“Race” against other riders in MARILAQUE.
Status: Not excited
What’s Next:

There’s 7,107 islands to choose from in the Philippines alone. How hard can this be?!?

Set foot on 71 islands.
Status: In Progress
What’s Next: 142 islands

Juag –  during college
Pulo (Batangas) – May 2009
Panay (Kalibo) – June 2011
Boracay – June2011
Tinaga (Calaguas) – July 2012
Calintaan – May 2013
Luli – June 2013
Ramesamay (Cowrie) – June 2013
Ride a motorcycle on 25 islands.
Status: In Progress
What’s Next: 35 islands

Luzon – all my life
Pagbilao Grande – July 2011
Samar – April 2012
Leyte – April 2012
Cagraray – December 2012
Pinget – April 2013

THE -ESTS (longest, tallest, highest, etc) in the Philippines.
These are record-holders for a reason..

Cross the longest bridge (San Juanico Bridge, Samar-Leyte).
Status: Done
When:  April 2012
What’s Next: hmmm.. Cross it again?

Cross the tallest bridge (Agas-Agas Bridge, Leyte).
Status: Not done.
What’s Next:

Get to the highest point in the Highway System (Halsema Highway, Benguet).
Status: Done
When: April 2012, April 2013
What’s Next: Try it at night?

Go through the longest tunnel (Kaybiang Tunnel, Cavite).
Status: Done
When: March 2013
What’s next: Malinta Tunnel (on a mountain bike, maybe?)

Ride on the oldest street (Colon Street, Cebu).
Status: Not done
What’s Next: how about the oldest bridge?

Survive the busiest Highway (EDSA Loop)
Status: Not done
What’s Next:

I can be a daredevil too, you know?!

Pop a wheelie for at least 5 meters.
Do a stoppie intentionally.
Slow Ride for 60 seconds in 10(?) meters
Complete some laps on a racetrack.
Complete a slalom (Motokhana) course.
Get a motorcycle airborne and stick the landing.
Do a burnout for at least 10 seconds.
Attain over 200 kph speed.

It’s all about making it official.

Have a Professional Driver’s License.
Take a safety driving course.
Complete a motorcycle troubleshooting course.
Complete a first aid course.
Finish Motorally and be a Certified Iron Butt Rider (1000 miles in 24hours).
Finish the M3 event (Manila-Matnog-Manila in 24 hours).

Just because…

Log 5,000 kms in 30 days.
Ride with a pillion/backride for at least 400 kms on the same trip.
Attain 99,999 kms odometer reading. At 70,000 kms (November 2013)
Participate in a motorcycle event.
Ride a motorcycle on the streets of another country.
Earn P100 by offering “habal-habal” services.
Cross a hanging bridge on a motorcycle.
Pose with a celebrity either with the motorcycle or in riding gear.

In this lifetime or the next.

[Hello Neighbors] Tour Southeast Asia.
[Stateside] California to New York.
[Down Under] Australia Loop.
[From Sea to Sea] Visit Canada’s National Parks.
[Into the Wild] Cross the equator in Africa.
[RTW] Round the World.
[Big Time] Own a Honda Ruckus, a Yamaha R6, a Honda Fireblade, a KTM dirt bike, a BMW GS.

15 Responses to Bucket List

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    You’ll go far in life… Having ambitious dreams is the key to a fulfilling life.

    • Thank you, Uncle Spike. I believe that having a reason to ride another day is an important part of being a defensive driver. Ride like there’s no tomorrow and there won’t be a tomorrow!

      • Uncle Spike says:

        Wise words indeed. Be safe man

      • RCruz says:

        True. My passion is Riding and motorcycles. I acquired a bike and not ever knowing how fast it can get, but I am for the character of a bike. I don’t demand much from it, I just ride and enjoy the sound of the engine and the wind on my face! Getting to my destination is the other half of the pleasure. Your blog is awesome! full of adventure and fresh stuff! keep it up and thanks for sharing.

  2. That is an impressive live and I hope you cross out every one of those items.

  3. Really cool bucket list! I particularly like the island-hopping challenge. Recently rented motorcycling in Batanes and Siquijor and the experience was amazing. I heard you can bring your own motorcycle aboard a ferry to Corregidor now (haven’t tried this yet). Not sure if they allow vehicles to pass through Malinta tunnel. They didn’t allow us to pass here with mountain bikes. Hope you don’t push through with racing against other riders in Marilaque though for everyone’s safety. I really dislike the fact that riders are using this public highway as a racetrack. Anyway, good luck crossing off items in your bucket list! 🙂

    • Thank you Kara! you’ve always impressed me with your trips but your recent solo Batanes adventure really made me very envious. Honestly, I haven’t read your Batanes and Siquijor trips. Plan ko pa lang gayahin yung Calauit Island mo, meron na namang dalawa.. **sigh** How can I ever catch up?

      It’s really sad that a lot of riders worship Marilaque as motorcycle heaven but they ride on it like a bat out of hell. I haven’t been there, but I know most do. And that’s also the reason why I won’t go there anytime soon.

  4. Whaat. You haven’t been to my islands of Mindanao yet? Well you better para mapuno ang bucket mo. Mabuti pa si Kara nauna na sayo. 😀

    • Selosa kasi motor ko. Gusto kasama din siya if pupunta akong Mindanao.. Hopefully, this April..

      When that happens sana kayanin ng oras at makarating ako sa Mati at nang makita ko din yung sleeping dino island.

  5. Hmm, make sure hindi na siya gising pag nakarating ka. Maraming bikers dito, dinadala nila motor nila sa Luzon and Visayas. Ikaw pa kaya. Take care and keep your eyes on the road (kasi ako malamang hindi dahil hawak ang cam). 😀

  6. That is a promise, Doms. Panning shot pa gusto mo. Kaya lang, may speed limit kami dito ha. 😀

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